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Included Services


  • Detailed, daily snow forecasts
  • Long range forecast interpretation
  • Hourly snow accumulations
  • Seasonal snowfall and freezing rain reports

*$300/winter for first winter. $400/winter for each additional winter.
**Discounts can be combined. If your price dips below $0 because of discounts, the remaining discounts will be carried over to your next year's service contract. Discounts always apply to your next contract. No money will be refunded due to a referral occurring after you've started your contract; that discount will be carried over to your next year's contract.


Sample Reports

Ottawa Snow Forecast issued October 21st, 2020

Oct 25 -- Oct 27

Rain mixed with snow starts Sunday night and ends Tuesday morning..afternoon.
Total Snowfall: 4cm..5cm (with a small chance of up to 7cm, or as little as 2cm). Some may melt due to temperatures near or above freezing.
🌢🌢🌢Total Rain: 11mm..22mm (with a small chance of up to 25mm, or as little as 9mm).



Ottawa Freezing rain report for Winter 2017/2018



Ottawa Snowfall Report for Winter 2017/2018 (older reports)

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